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About Egypt

Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Not only does Egypt has many tourist attractions, but also, Egypt is one of the countries that has some of the finest beaches worldwide. Egypt has a moderate climate all over the year, during the winter time you can escape the cold and snow in your country by traveling to places like Luxor & Aswan in Egypt, enjoy a cruise in the Nile, etc. Whereas in the summer time, you can get away the hot, humid weather to a nice breeze destination overlooking some of the lovely beaches in Egypt like; Sharm El-Sheikh, El-Gouna, Hurghada, Marsa ALam or Alexandria & the North Coast.

Travel to Egypt Today

At present, traveling becomes one of the most famous ways for people to spend their leisure time. Traveling to different destinations, seeing new places, knowing more about other nations and cultures, are all points of interest to today's travelers. Travelers now seek enjoyment, amusement, fun, knowledge, activities, and adopting new experiences from their travel trips.

There are lots of places worldwide to choose from and travel to, in order to spend your dream vacation. Most people plan their vacations ahead to guarantee that all the possible means of leisure, amusement and enjoyment is to be included in their travel trip.

Egypt is one of the most beautiful places to be visited, not only cause it is one of the major tourist destinations for its old civilizations. But also, cause each country in Egypt has a unique atmosphere, from that blend of ancient & modern civilizations, emerged the uniqueness of each country in Egypt.

Where to Travel in Egypt?

In Egypt, there are numerous tourist sites to choose from, since traveling to any of Egypt's cities will leave a different memory in your travel trip to Egypt, traveling to Egypt is such an unforgettable experience.

For example; when being in Egypt you can experience the mystery of its major city: Cairo; Cairo is Egypt's capital, known as; "The mother of all cities".

Cairo is characterized by its ancient Pharoanic monuments, Islamic mosques, Christian churches, and Jewish synagogues. Not only distinguished by these great ancient Pharoanic monuments like; the pyramids, or the sphinx, or the Egyptian museum that bares thousands and thousands of monumental treasures. But also, its demographic distinctiveness, having the river Nile passing all over Egypt, crowds increased day after day around the River Nile, all these factors make if one of the most famous tourist attraction in the world.

People in Egypt started to build homes, cultivate houses, and live around the River Nile area. Leaving all the deserted area behind uninhabited except for few living around the Oases of the western or eastern deserts.

A travel trip to Cairo, Egypt, will end you up with a bag full of antiques shopping, a door widely opened to a new culture, a spiritual experience you won't forget.

Another example is the Red Sea. The Red Sea area bares some of the most exquisite tourist areas on earth. When traveling to the Red Sea you must visit; Sharm El-Sheikh ; which has been awarded as the City of peace, Sharm El-Sheikh, is also considered to be the most extraordinary diving destination, not only in the Red Sea, but also, worldwide. If you love to travel and wish to have a memorable dive, and visit different diving sites, Sharm El-Sheikh will definitely be one of your favorite diving sites, on your diving sites list.

Ras Mohamed, also lies in the Red Sea, and is considered another reputable diving destination, that have been chosen to be the best diving destination worldwide. The Red Sea is still rich with other magnificent places and sites to visit. Among these tourist destinations; Hurghada, Dahab, El-Gouna, and more.

How to Travel to Egypt?

Tours- to-Egypt, offers travelers the best travel vacations in Egypt. The diverse collection of travel vacations on Tours to Egypt, attracts users worldwide. Travelers looking forward spending their vacation in Egypt, will find their targeted vacation package to Egypt here. Including coverage to all the travel details starting from the flight tickets to Egypt, inside transfers and transportation, till Egypt hotel booking, sightseeing tours in Egypt with Egyptian tour guides, who'll take you in lovely tours around Egypt.

On Tours-to-Egypt, we offer different vacation programs, it differs between classical program, adventure program in Egypt, Safari in Egypt program, and much more. The vacation and programs offered on to travel to Egypt; ranges between 4 days trip till 10 days trip.

Classical programs or culture tours in Egypt; include different tourist visits to the famous tourist destinations in Egypt. Like the Egyptian museum, travel trips to the 3 pyramids in Cairo, Egypt.

On the other hand, longer travel program trips include sightseeing trips to other various destinations in Egypt like; Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Nile Cruise trips.

Moreover, at Tours-to-Egypt, we offer adventure travel programs. Adventure programs include; visiting adventurous places in Egypt like; St. Catherine, Dahab, Marsa Matrouh, Siwa Oasis, and much more adventurous sites to see in the magical lands of Egypt.

Egypt has it all, it has golf, diving, safari, snorkeling, and many other tourist spots to be seen. Traveling to Egypt is like traveling in a book full of history, mystery, adventure, sun & fun.


Wielding a magnetic spell on tourists, Egypt is one location that the well informed traveller and wanderlust keep returning to for repeat trips. At Tours to Egypt we have put in place packages ideally suited for vacations of varying durations. For all your tours and travel plans to the land of mystery and ancient civilization choose Tours to Egypt for an enjoyable experience. Visit places of interest that have occupied the imagination and efforts of countless archaeologists to unravel the mysteries of Egyptian civilizations and the famed pyramids.

Regardless of the duration of the vacation, or the size of the group, our tours and travel packages will elevate the experience of visiting Egypt. From short one day tours, or two day packages to a week-long package, Tours to Egypt offers you incredibly interesting options to visit and enjoy the sights of Egypt in all its resplendent glory and splendor. For travellers on a lengthy vacation the 11 day trip should suffice to offer adequate time to enjoy Egypt and its wonderful locations.

Areas of interest in Egypt include Cairo, the Red Sea, Nile river cruises, Sharam El Sheikh, the grand pyramids, Siwa Oasis, St.Catherine, Dahab, MarsaMatrouh, Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan. At Tours to Egypt we offer vacation tours and travel to an almost endless list of locations comprising spots and monuments that are wedded to history. It is not without reason that archaeologists have descended and continue to descend on Egypt to unravel the mysteries of one of the oldest civilization on the earth. It is the same interest that sparked archaeologists that will continue to inspire and attract tourists from all over the globe to take a vacation in Egypt. For the best choice of vacations tours and travel with trouble free sightseeing arrangements and liaison choose us and witness how quality of service elevates the experience of visiting a tourist location.

Tours to Egypt beckons you will a range of vacation packages designed to suit your budget and travel plans. Short and swift action packed tours or a long vacation covering many locations across Egypt are handled with the same level of professionalism and hospitality that will sweep you off your feet in the land of the Pharaohs.

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