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Destination Name: Aswan
Country: Egypt

The city of Aswan along the Nile River in Egypt hosts a great amount of archaeological and historical treasures, as well as bazaars for shopping and one of the biggest dams in the world. It is Egypt gateway to Africa, and also an excellent place for boat cruises along the mighty Nile.

General Info:
The city of Aswan is located in Southern Egypt, along the Nile River and on the north side of the Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser reservoir. Once named Swenet, Aswan is an ancient city that was founded already at the times of the ancient Egyptians. One of the oldest cities in Egypt, it used to be the frontier town between ancient Egypt and the Africa beyond it. Aswan was, and still is a busy market town, but today it is also a center for tourism, attracting visitors wanting to see the many historical sites within Aswan as well as the ancient temples of Abu Simbel south of Aswan. While smaller than the more popular touristic cities along the Nile, Cairo and Luxor, Aswan has a more relaxed atmosphere and a more African feel to it. In addition to both Christian and Muslim Arabs, the city also hosts a large population of Nubian people.

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