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The Catacombs

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It dates back to the early Roman period. It was discovered in 1900 after they had been looking for it for about 12 years. These catacombs were originally a private crypt, but were later extended with more roman burials. People are buried here in sarcophagi, in shelves, and in urns of ashes after cremation. They are empty now, of course, and the lower levels have been completely flooded by the rising water level in Alexandria. This tomb consists of 3 stores cut in the rock but the lowest one is drowned by Sub-soil water. The entrance leads to a spiral staircase of 99 steps around the shaft. This tomb is famous for its mixed Iconography between Egyptian art and Greco-Roman art. The catacomb is called Kom EL-Shouqafa, It means "Mound of Shards" and refers to the crushed pottery found inside, where banquets were held for visitors to the dead.

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