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Hatshepsut temple deir el-bahri

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It is situated 15 Miles from Luxor train station. This monumental complex lies at Al Dier Al Bahari, on the Western bank of the river Nile. It was built by Queen Hatchepsut, daughter of Thutmosis I, who ruled Egypt about 21 years during the 18th dynasty1490—1469 B.C). She was considered the first and only women who get the Pharaoh title; as it was representing as a man all the time. Concerning here death there isn't any thing proof whether she was murdered or dead. It was built as a dedication to God Amon-Re, who was Hatshepsut father in her legend. Hieroglyphic Name is Maat-ka-Ra, Which translated to (justify is the Ka of Ra). The Temple of Hatshepsut was built from the rock it self. It consists of three terraces. There is a leading ramp to ascent from one terrace to another. There are many scenes depicted her with God Amon-Re who was the chief god in the 18th dynasty.

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