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All Egypt Pyramids Tour

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Tour Name: All Egypt Pyramids Tour
Tour Type: Cairo Trips
Length: 0 nights / 1 days
Description: A predominant number of travelers visit Egypt because of the pyramids. While it may appear unfair to the large number of tourist attractions available in Egypt, there is no escaping the fact that the pyramids is one towering location in Egypt, attracting the most footfalls. With history adding to the interest behind one of the biggest man-made structures that holds fort as one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Giza pyramids is a location all by itself. Tourists sometimes end up spending more while on a tour or trip or when they travel to most locations globally, and Egypt is no exception. This is primarily because of bad and ill informed choices on the part of tourists. At Tours to Egypt, every aspect of the itinerary is covered, and travel arrangements are made to offer the best experience to tourists. This spares a tourist from the hassles of dealing with multiple entities while on a tour, trip or travel to one of the most visited locations in Egypt, the pyramids. Unlike other structures, the very unique nature and reason for the existence of the pyramids has carried its name far and wide, featuring in books worldwide. This lends it the tag of a place that mandates a visit. Those on a trip or tour to Egypt never miss the opportunity to visit the pyramids of Egypt. However, sadly, many end up just taking a look at the outside, without getting a chance to take a peek inside. At Tours to Egypt, we take great care to offer excellent and transparent services to individuals who are members of a trip or tour we arrange. A visit to the inside of the pyramids requires the physical presence of the tourist in the morning. We transport our valued guests to reach the place in time and gain entry to have a look at the insides of a pyramid. What really is the point of visiting the pyramids of Egypt and not entering one? Itineraries determine the levels of enjoyment of our guests. We space out the visits, without rushing our guests from one location to another in a flurry of movement. We showcase locations offering our valued guests time for soaking in the sights in unhurried luxury. A tour to Egypt is incomplete without a trip to the pyramids. Tourists who chose to travel to Egypt as our clients have gushed in appreciation over our attention to detail and our itinerary that covered the famed pyramids of Egypt. Join our privileged clientele and enjoy the true beauty of Egypt. o
Cities Info: Cairo Giza
Sightseeings Info: Giza Pyramids  -  Sakkara  -  Dahshur Pyramids
All Egypt Pyramids Tour All Egypt Pyramids Tour All Egypt Pyramids Tour All Egypt Pyramids Tour All Egypt Pyramids Tour
0 nights / 1 days
Day Tour:
Tours to Egypt offers Pyramids trip with pick-up from guest house in Cairo or Giza & transfer to visit Giza Pyramids, Cheops, Chephren & Menkaura Pyramids, Sphinx, Valley temple & Papyrus institute to know how made the paper in ancient Egypt.
Then you will have Egypt food dish that will be served a local Egyptian restaurant with a beautiful scene for the Pyramids.
Travel to visit Sakkara area, Step Pyramid & go inside Titi pyramid, ancient Egyptian tombs from 5ooo years.
Proceed to visit the Dahsur Pyramids that are good example for building the first real Pyramids in Egypt (Bent Pyramid & Red Pyramid). Then Transfer back to guest house in Cairo or Giza.

Tour Info:
Egypt Pyramids are amazing sites to Travel for exploring the ancient Egypt, since the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids to be royal tombs for their Pharaohs who ruled Egypt from thousands of years ago, now millions of tourists travel to Egypt for Pyramids trips; in Egypt there are more than 125 pyramids .
At the beginning of the tour in Giza Pyramids and the Sphiinx with your Egyptologist tour guide who will be provided by Tours to Egypt to explain the technique for building the pyramids in ancient Egypt, with the tour in Giza pyramids you can go inside the grand pyramid in the world that was built by King Cheops who ruled Egypt from 4650 years, with walking around the pyramids trip in Giza; you will find the Sphinx that represent King Chephren as a lion body and human head for the ruler of Egypt from 4620 years.
Another way for discovering the real Egypt via the food that will be served at a local restaurant that offers Egyptian dishes, Delicious Egyptian cuisine Discover the best Egyptian street foods and fall in love with the distinct cuisine. We will guide you to the best Kushari, Falafal and Tahini spots.
Travel for another tour in the same day with Egypt Pyramids trip at Sakkara; the oldest and first cemetery in Egypt, see the first pyramid is constructed in Egypt by king Zoser who ruled Egypt from 4800 years ago. Is known as step pyramid - six steps one above the other to form first pyramid in Egypt is built. Still in Sakkara tour with visit Titi pyramid and enter inside the pyramid to see the sarcophagus and burial chamber of the Pharaoh of Egypt, around the Titi pyramid there is a beautiful tomb built around 2350 BC for the governor of the capital and the main vizier of the king, there are beautiful scene could not see again during your Egypt trip.
continue the tour with the Pyramids in Egypt at Dahshur; amazing trip to travel for exploring the bent pyramid in Egypt; is the first attempt for building a real pyramid, they changed the angel of the summit after building the base of the pyramid, to protect the burial chamber from the heavy stones if continued in the same angel.
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Tour Name:  All Egypt Pyramids Tour
Tour Date:  From Monday 23 Sep 2019     for 1 days
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