Planning your next holiday in Egypt? We’ve got you covered! Tours to Egypt, one of the leading travel agencies in Egypt, is an official part of Nile Cruisers Company. With our partners and collaborators, we’ve tailor-made our services to handle every detail of your exotic yet relaxing trip to Egypt. All you have to do is let us know how your dream vacation should be, and watch us help you experience it in reality within Egypt.

Since 1996, travel experts of Tours-to-Egypt are seeking the best travel options, in terms of value for money, for travellers who want to explore Egypt. The experience of more than a decade has taught us how everyone likes something different.

Learning from our extended clientele base, we provide hassle-free itineraries for individuals, families, or groups, while handling all your bookings during your stay in Egypt. According to your preferences, we even provide flexible arrangements for your trip. This way you get more time on your hands, to explore and experience exciting adventures that Egypt has in store to surprise you during your Egypt Excursions.

We understand that planning holidays is the hardest part of going on a vacation. There could be uncertainties about reserving the right hotel, which suits your standards. Budget and timing are also stress-full. Visiting a country alone or for the first time, we know it’s not easy to be aware of do’s’ and don’ts’ about its culture. This makes trusting local vendors a little hard too. In Tours-to-Egypt, we’ve put such homework under a single umbrella of our agency, to answer and confirm your each and every question about Egypt excursions.

Tours-to-Egypt has been working with local travel agencies in Egypt like Cruise lines, airlines and local hotels for a long time. This has created a compelling relationship with the local vendors to give special discounts and incentives to our customers.    

With our flexible Egypt holiday packages and other Egypt travel packages, we even give you the option to alter your bookings with no hidden costs. Along with the guarantee of high quality and value for money, we are here to address any changes you would want during your vacation so that you get the luxury of staying carefree in Egypt.

Our travel agents are well-trained to work with you to find suitable holiday options which come under your budget to ensure you get your dream vacation in Egypt whilst being affordable as well as luxurious, depending on your preferences. We assure you that relying on us will give you extra stress-free, leisure time on your hands.