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Get to witness the beauty and grandeur of the past and present of Egypt in an Abu Simbel Tour. If you book Cairo to Abu Simbel tour travel package you will be able to visit all attractions of Cairo as well as Giza before you travel to Aswan and Luxor and end the trip with a visit to Abu Simbel temples. Once you start the journey, you will be seeing the splendid Pyramids of Giza. Then from Cairo, you will be heading south and spending many days to explore the hidden secrets of the ancient Egyptian civilization along with temples in Abu Simbel, Luxor and Aswan before returning to Cairo for visiting the significant Islamic and Christian ancient sites.

If you are in Egypt for a vacation or even for a business trip, then take out some time to get a taste of a trip to the soul of Egypt by taking the Nile cruise Egypt. It takes place between Luxor and Aswan. Nile cruise Egypt is the perfect way of going through the remarkable ruins of this ancient country as well as the contemporary life along the Nile banks that have actually added life to the country.

While you cruise between Luxor and Aswan, you can relax and enjoy the Nile Valley’s scenery. Daily tours from the Nile cruise Egypt will take you to some of the most stunning temples of ancient Egypt like Luxor Temple, Philae Temple, Karnak Temple to name a few.

So if you are desiring an Abu Simbel tour or a Nile cruise holiday, then contact us now.


Ans: Abu Simbel is rich with history and its ancient stories. It's a must for you to visit Abu Simbel if you love history. The problem is many people make the mistake of not appointing a guide before visiting Abu Simbel, which is why they don’t enjoy the trip. We appoint you, learned and experienced Egyptologist tour guide who would accompany you right from Aswan. Our guide would first take you to the temple of Ramses II and then to the temple of his wife, Queen Nefertari. Not only a tour guide, but our package also includes the entry fees to the historical places.

Ans: The best places to explore in Abu Simbel are the temples of Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari. Our Egyptologist tour guide would accompany you from Aswan to these historical sites. You also need not worry about the entry fees of the tickets to these sites. Our package covers it all. You just need to relax. We are there to help you with this. We also provide bottled water along with some finger foods for our tourists. We assure you, our tour guide would let you know everything about the place where he takes you.

Ans: Tours to Egypt is the best agency you can ever find for booking a trip to Abu Simbel. This is because Abu Simbel is filled with historical places where you absolutely need a tour guide. Many agencies would provide you a tour guide who has no idea about anything. This way, your tour to Abu Simbel would get ruined. You would not be able to enjoy your tour at all. Our agency provides you the best Egyptologist Tour Guide who has the perfect knowledge to accompany you on your trip. Also, all the expenses are included in the package itself.

Ans: As we already mentioned earlier, Abu Simbel is filled with its rich cultural heritage. You would find Abu Simbel very boring if you don’t understand or get to know about the history of the places or sites you would be visiting in Abu Simbel. The temple of Ramses II and his wife Queen Nefertari has a huge history behind it. For this, you need a tour guide who has to be experienced and well learned in Egyptian Cultural Heritage. If you do not find a good tour guide, your whole trip to Abu Simbel would be absolutely meaningless and you would not be able to enjoy it at all.


  • Meet and assist in Luxor airport, train station or hotel.
  • Transfer to embark on board.
  • All entrance fees,


  • Tipping
  • Optional trip
  • Drinks

Welcome to Luxor on Nile Cruise board.

- Welcome to Luxor with our greetings to start the Nile Cruise trip.
- Upon arrival meet and assist to transfer to embark on board..
- Embark on board.
- Lunch on board.
- Visit Karnak temples complex.
- Back to Nile Cruise.
- Dinner & Overnight on board.

West Bank Trip in Luxor

- Breakfast on board.
- Option trip - Hot Air Balloon.
- Drive to the West bank in Luxor to start the trip.
- Visit Valley of the Kings with enter inside Three royal tombs.
- Visit the Alabaster factory in the city of Alabaster.
- Visit the Hatshepsut temple at EL Deir Bahri.
- Stop for photo at Statues of Memnon.
- Back to Nile Cruise for the Lunch.
- Sail towards Aswan & Stop to cross Esna Lock.
- Dinner following with entertainment on board.
- Overnight on board.

From 1 October to 30 May.

799 U$D Per Person in Single.

499 U$D Per Person in Double

469 U$D Per Person in Triple.

249 U$D Per Child Below 12 Years.

From 1 May to 30 September.

749 U$D Per Person in Single.

439 U$D Per Person in Double.

399 U$D Per Person in Triple.

199 U$D Per Child Below 12 Years.

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