Hurghada Red Sea Egypt

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Africa is Egypt, the Land of the Pharaohs which is home to many fun places like the Nile Valley, the White Med, and the Western Desert. If you are thinking of going for an Egypt excursion, a beautiful place you should consider is Hurghada City by the Red Sea.

Hurghada City is a beautiful coastal town with over 40km of perfect waterfronts. The weather is amazing every day of the year and you can find the most beautiful coral reefs and interesting activities for you to do while relaxing. If you are looking to visit a top diving destination in the world, Hurghada City should be on your wish list.

The luxury resorts in Hurghada Red Sea are the perfect place to stay to visit the Red Sea. This world-famous water body is a connector between Asia and Africa, joining the Indian Ocean at the south through the Gulf of Aden. Hurghada City offers a convenient vacation experience whether or not you want to scuba dive or not. It is also close to the Nile Valley so you can have a great Hurghada to Cairo tour and see the best of Egypt.

Hurghada City

Where to Stay

Hurghada is well known for having a wonderful selection of luxury hotels offering all-inclusive packages. You can find a wide range of hotels from 3-star to prestigious 6-star hotels depending on your budget. Most of the hotels are equipped with swimming pools and private beachfront for exclusivity. They can also organize Hurghada to Cairo tours for you.

Another attraction of Hurghada City is its nightlife. You can find many bars, night clubs and raves in the area so the city never sleeps. Day or night, whatever your passions or attractions are, Hurghada has got something for everyone to enjoy including a Hurghada to Cairo tour.

What to do in Hurghada

What to do in Hurghada



Hurghada City is great for groups, fun seekers and even thrill-seekers. The food selection in Hurghada is eclectic with restaurants like White Elephant, StarFish, Nubian Café that serve Egyptian, Asian and international meal options.

Scuba diving

Get affordable, safe and enjoyable scuba diving experiences either daytime or nighttime. You can take PADI diving courses, wreck diving, snorkeling and other fun stuff. Get to explore the most beautiful coral reefs and locations in the Red Sea. For both solo and group diving, Hurghada is one of the most popular diving locations in the world.

Quad Bike Safari

Roar across Egypt’s desert on a Quad Bike Safari and see the Bedouin villages from close up. The trip includes local Arabian food and tea, camel rides and even dune surfing. There’s a great guide to help you find all the mysteries of Egypt and the Red Sea.

Other fun stuff you can do in Hurghada City include:

  • Windsurfing, Kite Surfing and Jet Skis
  • Tour of Luxor or Cairo
  • Visit to the Saint Anthony and Saint Paul Monastery
  • Beach activities and relaxation
  • Red Sea Islands Snorkelling trips

Hurghada is a wonderful place to visit and we can’t wait to have you!

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