Traditional Food to try while visiting Egypt

Egypt is known for its pyramids and the history related to it. It has always created an image of something ancient. So, Egyptian cuisine is also one of the things about the country that connects the travelers coming for Egypt tours. The people of the country consume both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. So, there are numerous dishes for both flavors. They use the meat of rabbit, chicken, lamb, and pigeon. While the vegetarian dishes include things made from rice, lentils, vegetables, fruits, and pasta. Thus, the combination of all such items helped them in developing new recipes that are unique and tasty.

Some of the familiar and less known interesting facts about Egyptian cuisine are discussed below.

Egyptian falafel

  • Falafel is a vegetarian item. The base of preparation of falafel is a mixer of beans. The origin of the dish is Egypt, and people assume that Copts consumed it instead of meat. Later it got developed as street food in the country, and it is also known as a part of the history of Pharaonic Egypt.
  • Koshari is an ancient dish from the 19th century, which the national food of Egypt. The recipe contains all the vegetarian items such as rice, lentils, onions, and macaroni. Moreover, it is the staple food of all the people in Egypt because it is not expensive and is a vegan item.
  • Ancient Egypt is the birthplace of Mulukhiyah. It is in the form of leaf and often considered a vegetable by the people of the country. The vegetable cannot be consumed in raw form, and so the people cook it form a soup. Furthermore, for flavor, the person can add chicken while boiling it.

Egyptian Macaroni Béchamel

  • Macaroni Bechamel is a famous Egyptian dish that uses two layers of pasta along with Bechamel sauce. The flavor of the sauce makes it tastier, and it gives a feel of Egyptian food. However, the same dish can be prepared with different types of kinds of pasta also.
  • Ful medames is the dish prepared with the help of Fava beans in Egypt. It is a staple food in Egypt and often served with lemon, garlic, chili, and parsley. It is also a part of Arab cuisine.

Thus, the history of Egyptian cuisine makes the dish desirable. The recipes are tasty, and every person can consume it. The spices of the country help in enhancing the taste of the dish with various combinations. Thus, Egyptian food is tasty and affordable.

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