Top 5 Less Known interesting facts About Egypt

There are many places in the world. One mystical destination that will leave you in awe is Egypt. Egypt is known for its lesser-known facts. The ancient civilization indeed has a lot under the sleeves. Here are Top 5 Less Known interesting facts About Egypt that will encourage you to visit the place soon.

Interesting Facts About Egypt


  1. Pyramids- One of the fact about Egypt is that the great pyramids, which is a chief source of attraction was never built but the slaves. Although the majority of people think that the slaves carried the chunks and formed the magnanimous pyramids, however, they were paid labours who were specially appointed for the task.
  2. Highest Dam- Did you know that Egypt has the world’s highest damn? The Aswan Dam is this one and it was built to check the flow of the river Nile. This site will be worth a watch.
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  3. Long days- Egypt is a sunny place so the day time is more there. You can get more time to travel the place since there are 3451 hours of sun each year
  4. Greater Cairo- In the Middle East and fact in the whole of Africa, Greater Cairo is the largest city. The city has an approximate population of a whopping 22 million. Yes! It is that big. Also, Greater Cairo has some of the most beautiful street markets selling souvenirs and Egyptian delicacies.
  5. Unique places- There are a lot of unique sites in Egypt that visitors can go. Such unique places are the Lost City of Heracleion, the city of Dead’s or the temple of Abu Simbel, the nilometer in Cairo and many more such places.

Abu Simbel

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